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Why I don’t show my face as a female escort… by admin

I don’t show my face for the obvious reason – privacy. However, privacy alone is not the only factor. Maintaining my anonymity is important not just for myself, but also for the men who are my clients…
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Why do I enjoy Dinner Dessert bookings so much? by admin

A dinner date is one of the most popular service at our High Class Escort Agency. Swiss Ski Bunnies agency has classy escorts that make it a very romantic experience. Easy to imagine it. Soft candlelight, perfect ambiance and the company of a naturally beautiful and intriguing lady. Open a bottle of champagne and then enjoy the finest cuisine Switzerland has to offer… Dinner date escorts are ideal dates for prestigious Xmas dinner date and VIP galas. But why do our Ski Bunnies enjoy Dinner Dessert booking? We have some answers…Thank you Christina.

Why do I enjoy Dinner Dessert bookings so much?
The dinner dessert booking is an ideal engagement for someone looking for intimacy and sensuality. A nice way to get to better know each other and share delicious and unforgettable moments.

How do I come dressed to a Dinner Dessert Booking?
I’m a really elegant lady in all ways. As I love fashion, and to be well dressed, I will always be pampered depending what you are looking for.. A nice jean, and shirt for day time or a designer dresse and hells during the night.. In both cases, you will have a sexy and tempting surprise under the clothes.

Can a Dinner Dessert booking take place in a hotel room so it is more of a private occasion?
The best initiative we can take is without doubt to share our dessert in your room.. Or even better, let’s open a bottle of champagne and let me be your strawberry delicious dessert..

Can a Dinner Dessert booking take place during the day?
I can also be a hot chocolate dessert for lunch or tea time.. And quite frankly, Is It not sometimes more appreciable and delicious to enjoy a candy during de day..!?!

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Les Grandes Courtisanes by admin

Some words about Swiss Ski Bunnies in French…
Yara wrote us a short script…Thank you so much!

Vous savez l’art de vivre a 4 saisons …appelez nous modèle, accompagnatrice ou fille de joie mais en réalité nous sommes des courtisanes née pour briller. Mes dames, messieurs, je voulais attiré votre attention sur le fait que ceci est le plus vieux métier du monde un art pure qui a marqué notre histoire à commencé par Cléopâtre, Messaline, madame de Pompadour , les demi-mondaines (Cora Peal, Laure Hayman…) ou encore Marylin Monroe et Coco Chanel. Aujourd’hui SKIBUNNIES est là à partir de 2019 pour vous apporter la réincarnation de ces grandes dames. Elles vous feront voyager au sommet des montagnes Suisse, vous irez au 7ème ciels elle vous partageront leur univers dignes, vous passerez des moments inoubliables de joie et de folie. Chaleureuses, Elles réchaufferont vos hiver alors épatez les sur de grandes piste noir car SKIBUNNIES vous promet l’excellence…

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